15 Vendor Table Display Ideas to Steal the Show

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June 30, 2022

Vendor table displays, often called table top displays, offer exhibitors an inexpensive and creative opportunity to showcase their company or organization. Gone are the days of basic, unimaginative vendor table displays. Today’s exhibitors can choose lightweight frames in creative shapes, backlit graphics, and even sustainable, eco-friendly options. All packed in carrying or rolling cases making it super simple to feature your company, organization, or vendor booth at local or national trade shows.

15 Vendor Table Display Ideas

Every display purchase should start with identifying your trade show marketing goals and budget. Are you a service that needs big colorful graphics to tell your story? Or do you have products to show attendees? There are table top displays to fit practically any requirement. Here are a few vendor table display ideas to consider before making your selection. 

1. Your graphics are CRITICAL

The best table top or vendor table graphics visually engage attendees and quickly identify your unique solution. 

2. Headers

If there’s a header option, take advantage of it. It’s a simple way to brand the company without adding to the visual clutter. 

header option table top display

3. Lights

Add them. Not only will it differentiate your display (vs. other table tops) but light always attracts attention.  

4. Alternate Graphics

Table top graphics are relatively inexpensive. Designing graphics for each show’s specific audience will make you stand out from the crowd. 

5. Backlit Graphics

Few table tops have backlit graphics. Consider a backlit table top for a more upscale display. 

backlit vendor booth display idea

6. Attached Graphics

Many pop-up table tops include attached graphics, making setup and takedown super simple. 

attached graphics for vendor both display ideas

7. Shelves

Vendor booth table tops are built for heavy-duty product presentations but a few shelves can make a world of difference when showing samples. 

8. Canopy

A fabric canopy creates a visual design flair by adding curves and height to a vendor display. 

9. Table Throw

A printed table throw makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE to any table top display presentation.. Not only does it allow for additional branding, but it also means you can hide your case and extra marketing materials under the table.  

printed throw for vendor booth

10. Electrical Cords

Scrambling to find an electrical cord at a show can be frustrating and often expensive. Always include one in the case. You’ll be surprised how frequently it comes in handy.   

11. Integrate Technology

Showing all your products and services isn’t possible, regardless of the size of your booth. And a table top display makes that more challenging. Consider a table or floor version of an iPad stand with a rotational mount. 

vendor booth display ideas

12. Utilize Vertical Space

Your booth has a colorful table throw and an attractive table top display. Now add a 7.5 ft. banner stand along the aisle. The height will draw attention to your booth and provide additional messaging opportunities. 

banner stand for vendor display

13. Create a Theme-Based Display

Everyone loves stories, and a theme-based display with the right marketing twist may be the perfect conversation starter. For example, is your company a superhero in your industry? The creative possibilities are endless. 

14. Incorporate Interactive Elements

Trade show attendees are eager for memorable experiences on the show floor.  Engage them with interactive games like Whack-a-Mole, Photo Booth, Memory Match, or Space Invaders. Everyone can be customized to feature your branding and products. 

interactive games for vendor display

15. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Displays

Kermit had it all wrong. It’s easy to be green. Choose from (4) sustainable table top displays with features like headers, shelves, and fabric graphics.

sustainable table top display

Components of a Successful Vendor Table Top Booth

Successful trade show or trade fair exhibitors are successful whether they’re in a table top booth space, an inline, or an island. The size of the vendor display or the show doesn’t matter. What matters is how they prepare for and perform at the show. 

Whether you’re in sales or marketing, knowing the target audience is crucial. Let’s say you sell insurance. The graphics, the approach, and the pitch at a Home and Garden Show would be very different than at an Auto Show. Yes, many attendees may be the same, but their concerns are probably different. Along with their mindset at the moment. A table top vendor display with home-related graphics at the auto show not only misses the mark but it also shows a lack of understanding and preparation for the audience. 

Location matters too. Is it an indoor show or an outdoor show? What if it’s windy or there’s a chance of rain? Some displays are outdoor-proof. Others are indoor only. 

Finally, bring only what you need. Table top displays are generally light and can be carried or wheeled into the exhibition hall without too much effort. However, if you plan to have brochures, promotional giveaways, laptops, and products (which is both fine and encouraged), limit the quantity. It’s no fun schlepping boxes across the parking lot on a muggy or snowy day (both in and out of the convention hall). Being smart and strategic about your goals means you’ll know what will be required to entice attendees into your booth and close sales.

8 Vendor Display Examples from Exhibits NW

Below are 8 popular vendor table display ideas.  

1. TFN-411: Get Noticed!

Vendor Table Display Ideas Lightweight

No other exhibitor will have this unique shape on the show floor. Guaranteed. The fabric graphics attach to the black frame with Velcro. Assembly couldn’t be easier. 

2. VKN-0005: All the Bells and Whistles.

indoor vendor booth ideas backlit

Backlighting, shelves, and clean SEG graphics make this table top a must-have for many pharmaceutical companies. 

3. VKN-1292: Curves and Contours.

vendor booth display portable

The Sacagawea table top combines a big fabric graphic, shelf, floating graphic, and a curved canopy into a distinctive design. 

4. ECON-101T: Sustainable and Substantial.

vendor booth display sustainable

This display is a full-size exhibit but miniaturized. Constructed with 100% eco-friendly materials, including the graphics. 

5. Classic Presentation 32: Easy Peasy.

vendor table top display briefcase

This large briefcase display is durable, attractive, and easy. The graphics remain on the folding panels. Simply remove it from the carrying case and unfold it. That’s it!

6. FGN-03: Mix and Match.

Vendor Table Display Pop Up

The pop-up frame expands in seconds and the (6) graphics attach to the hubs. Depending on the show or the company division, the graphics can be changed quickly for many distinctive looks. 

7. SalesMate 4×3: Fast and Furious.

Vendor Table Display ink shop

The fabric graphics remain on the frame and expand as the pop-up frame. Even the unpaid intern can handle this table top. 

8. TFN-413: Big and Bold.

vendor table top display

There’s something about a big billboard graphic that works all the time. Simple to assemble and a small footprint for maximum room on the table for brochures, products, and giveaways. 

Consult with the Pros for Custom Vendor Booth Display Ideas 

So, what have you learned about table top displays? Hopefully, they can be simple or elaborate, inexpensive or upscale, or rectangles or curves. In other words, you have options. Choosing the right one depends on your marketing strategy, trade show goals, and budget. 

So what’s the perfect choice? Getting it right shouldn’t be a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Consider working with an exhibit professional. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each display system. They also know how each one can be customized to match your objectives. Yes… customized! Many table top displays can be modified to create shapes and designs that go well beyond the typical display. With a bit of tweaking, some can have backlit graphics or product shelves or floating graphics, or even dramatic headers. 

Just because table top displays are smaller, you shouldn’t assume they can’t also be dramatic. A trade show professional can assist with creating an environment where attendees are drawn to your booth. Does size matter on the trade show floor? Yes. But, do you want to know what matters more? Creativity, strategy, and attitude.

Vendor Table Display Ideas; The Next Steps with Exhibits NW

Table top displays should never be an afterthought because just like an inline or island exhibit, the steps to success are the same. When you’re ready to take your exhibit design and trade show marketing program to the next level contact us so we can help! Our team has countless years of experience in the trade show industry and plenty of vendor table display ideas that will absolutely get you noticed!

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