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April 25, 2023

If you’re wondering, ”how much information do I need to know about trade show table covers?” Honestly, not much…  but understanding the basics will save you time and avoid design and purchasing missteps. Let’s begin with the obvious. 

Have you ever seen an article featuring the “World’s Most Attractive Folding Banquet Tables?” Probably not. Banquet tables are designed to be convenient and utilitarian. Not pretty. The tables supplied to exhibitors have led hard lives – folded and unfolded hundreds of times, dropped and tossed, and with a surface resembling a country road. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to transform them into branding fashionistas – with attractive curves, bright colors, and appealing graphics with the added benefit of “wash and wear” convenience. In addition, fabric table covers are available at a range of prices from “how can they sell that so cheaply?” to “I need a table cover, not a designer dress.” And everything in between. 

We offer only the best materials: premium twills, vinyl permanent logos, and dye sublimation. Our table throws are sewn with the highest quality seams and hems. All are washable and fade-resistant. 

5 Reasons to Invest in Trade Show Table Covers

Table throws are a must-have item for trade shows, recruiting, retail, events, and more!

1. Branding

A table throw with your logo not only reinforces your marketing message, but also gives you instant credibility. 

2. Visibility

You’re there for a reason – to be seen. In a sea of exhibitors and competitors, a well-designed table throw is a beacon attracting potential clients to your table.

3. Inviting

A table throw creates a more inviting and comfortable space for potential clients.

4. Cleanliness

For many shows, generic table throws can be rented from the show organizer or service contractor. Have they been washed recently? Probably. Are they as clean as you would want them for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients? Probably not. Bring your own, freshly laundered table throw. 

5. Convenience

There’s no guesswork when you bring your own custom-printed table throw. It’s always available and comes with your branding and messaging. 

To further avoid guesswork, check out our exhibit management services where we can handle everything for you!

4 of Our Favorite Trade Show Table Covers

1. V-Throw Full Dye-Sub – 6 ft

custom trade show table covers

The V-Throw Full Dyesub table throws are seamless, wrinkle-free, made of high-quality dye sub-V-Fabric material. They are professionally hemmed, machine washable, and fire retardant. For no hassles, a great throw, easy ordering, and a great match of color and art from throw to display.

2. V-Throw Full Dye-Sub – 8 ft

trade show fitted table covers

Identical features and quality of the 6 ft. full dye-sublimated throw but for an eight-foot banquet table.

3. Table Throw Full Dye-Sub Runner

event table cloth

Printed Runners are a less expensive option when combined with a solid color twill throw.  Runners come in 24” and 30” widths. 

4. Table Throw with Runner

trade show table covers for sale

For the least expensive option, choose a two-color runner combined with a solid twill table throw. Optional carrying bag with or without logo are available.. 

Are Custom Trade Show Table Covers Available?

Yes. Both in size and color. The standard sizes are for 6 and 8 ft. tables, but custom sizes can be ordered. Longer lead times apply. 

How to Care for Trade Show and Event Table Covers 

  • Wash in cold or warm water, preferably in a large front-loading washer. 
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low setting, not to exceed 120 degrees.
  • Remove immediately to prevent the fabric from wrinkling
  • Do not use an iron directly on the logo or printed fabric. Iron on the backside of the image (if necessary). 
  • Meets NFPA #701 standards for fire resistance. 

What Is the Standard Trade Show Tablecloth Size?

6 ft. V-Throw: 

Print size:  128.5” W x 86.5” H

Live logo area:  64” W x 25” H (front and back)

8 ft. V Throw:

Print size:  152” W x 86.5” H

Live logo area:  88” W x 25” h (front and back)

Table Runners (24” and 30”):

Print size:  24” W x 66” H

Live area:  22” w x 25” H

Print size: 30”  W x 66” H

Live area:  22” W x 25” H

How Much Do Trade Show Table Covers Cost?

Prices vary depending on the quality of the material, # of colors, size, and quantity. Non-stretch fabrics, like twill, are less expensive than contour tension fabric throws. In general, prices range from $250 to $600. Discounts for multiple quantities of identical sizes and designs are available. 

Your Trusted Trade Show Company

As a full-service exhibit house, Exhibits NW offers a wide selection of display products and services to fit most exhibitor budgets. Not every client needs a new island exhibit. Many simply need new graphics, a modular or portable display, or a banner stand or table throw for their next event or trade show.  

When you’re ready to take your exhibit design and trade show marketing program to the next level, contact us so we can help! Our team has the experience and the creativity to absolutely get you noticed!

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