A Stress-Free Exhibit with Trade Show Services

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April 16, 2020

Trade shows can be like oil fields when what you need is a gallon of gasoline. You know that what you’re after is in there somewhere, but how can you find it? And what can you do with it when you do find it?

Enter trade show services. A group of trade show professionals behind you, making suggestions, warning you of trouble ahead, and showing you just how to treat the fertile ground that is Trade Show Land, is an invaluable asset. It’s an investment that can pay for itself hundreds of times over.

What Types of Trade Show Services are Available?

First of all, what types of trade show services do you need?

Trip planning–hotels, cars, and the like–is a good place to start. It’s a relatively simple problem to solve, but one that has to get solved. How can you get the best rates? The closest locations to the event center? Overall, how can you have the best experience for the smallest slice of your budget?

Or maybe you need help with your booth. Do you have an idea of how it should look in your head? At Exhibits NW, we have a database of thousands of trade show booth configurations that are great on their own or as starting places to customize from.

If you sell physical products that need to be displayed, are you up on what display methods the research suggests work the best? If so, how can you adapt what’s been done to suit your needs?

How do you plan to capture leads? How will you capitalize on them? What reasons will attendees have for visiting your booth? Will your booth be up in time for people to visit it? How difficult can construction be before it’s too much? What help is available?

Learn About Virtual Exhibits

In the digital era, it’s important to adapt and embrace new technologies. Learn about how virtual trade shows can help you reach and engage new customers.

Putting it All Together for a Successful Trade Show

“Trade show services” are all the types of help that you can use to make your next trade show a success. Maybe we should start by defining what “success” would be for you? After all, different types of businesses want to get different things out of their trade show experiences.

Learn More About Trade Show Services from Exhibits NW

If you need it, we’ve provided it. We’re probably providing it to someone right now, in fact. From advice on when to rent vs. when to buy your booth to help putting it together to a recap at the end of the show, trade show services from Exhibits NW means support in all aspects of your trade show endeavors.

We’ve been doing this since the 1990s and we’ve got it down to a science. Of course, it’s still art and we certainly haven’t forgotten that. Give us a call and tell us what kinds of trade show services might make your next show easier. We absolutely love talking shop.

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If you’re ready to take your trade show exhibits to new heights, fill out this form and we’ll contact you shortly.