Trade Show Furniture: Know Your Options

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March 12, 2020


There are as many types of trade show furniture as there are home or office furniture. That is, it can be overwhelming to try to think or talk about. For the purposes of this article, we’ll divide trade show furniture into three types, based on function. We’ll have to leave some out, but we’ll be able to cover quite enough to get a new trade-show goer started.

Of course, everything covered in this article should be available from any professional trade show rentals company, and is available from Exhibits NW. 


Various Types of Trade Show Furniture


The most important type of trade show furniture is the type that shows off the stuff you want to sell! Of course, the question of which types of display you use depends on what you’re there to sell.

There are lecterns and counters, work tables and glass cases. Will you be trying to get your attendees to interact with any materials, or just stand and talk? What two, three, maybe four items do you want everyone’s eyes to be attracted to? The types of displays–not to mention the locations of displays–can help or hurt this cause immensely.


If you do want attendees to interact with something, there are work tables that can take more abuse than others. If you just need somewhere to set flyers and giveaways, a lighter, easier-to-carry table might suit better, and a tablecloth might be just the thing.


Seating is the unsung type of trade show furniture. We’ve all experienced that ubiquitous belief that sitting down makes you look unprofessional or like you don’t care.

One tool to at least mitigate the prejudice is a higher, barstool-type of chair. It’s harder to slouch and it keeps the sitter’s face much closer to regular eye-level.

Whether it be with seats or benches, you’ll need to decide how long you want an attendee to stay in your booth once you’ve snagged one for a conversation. If an attendee has no place to sit, they’ll feel like leaving much sooner. 

Learn About Virtual Exhibits

In the digital era, it’s important to adapt and embrace new technologies. Learn about how virtual trade shows can help you reach and engage new customers.


Trade Show Rental Furniture

Your trade show consultant can take you through all the types of trade show furniture within each category mentioned above, and how to outfit each with your company’s look, when that’s appropriate.

Renting your trade show furniture as opposed to buying it can be an easy way to go all-out and get the perfect setup for your next show, even if you can’t imagine ever again needing the pieces you end up with. Alternatively, if you find yourself renting the same kinds of items a lot, starting with rentals sure makes it easier to make an informed purchasing decision.


Need Help Pairing the Right Trade Show Furniture with Your Booth?

We’re here to help with every intricacy of trade show exhibits, from furniture to layout to planning and beyond. Count on our well-experienced consultants to listen and come to understand your brand before making some dynamite suggestions. 

The next time you need anything to do with trade show furniture, reach out to Exhibits NW.

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