15 Show-Stopping Trade Show Booths

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January 7, 2022

If it’s been a while since you’ve attended a trade show, then you’re in for a treat. Trade Show Booths have changed. The use of fabric graphics has accelerated and backlighting has now become the norm, whether it’s a 10 ft. inline or a 40 x 50 Island booth. Modular wall systems have taken center stage for both purchase and rental designs. And those modular walls are being integrated into custom wood construction projects for even greater, yet cost-effective, custom exhibit design. It’s now possible for exhibitors to look upscale in any size exhibit space! 

Getting Started with Trade Show Booths

The expectations are higher for exhibitors returning to trade shows. Budgets have been pared and attendance hasn’t quite returned to pre-pandemic levels. However, exhibitors who have participated in trade shows over the past six months report generally positive reviews. The attendees are engaged and serious about conducting business with exhibitors who create an interactive environment on the show floor with bigger brighter graphics, large monitors, and casual meeting spaces. 

The following trade show booth designs reflect the emerging trends in purchase, rental, and sustainable exhibits with custom and modular construction. Feel free to mix and match elements and share them with the Exhibits Northwest designers. Over the years, we’ve discovered that the best designs often come from “borrowing” the best ideas from our gallery of creative exhibit designs.  

6 Modern Island Trade Show Booths 

1. VKN-5170

modern trade show booths

The VKN-5169 (and 5169 and 5171) are spectacularly dramatic with a 16 ft. backlit tower and lightboxes. Who needs an overhead sign when your booth shines bright and your logo can be seen from across the show hall? But it’s more than just a pretty face. It’s inviting, informative, and practical. Depending on the version, it includes a large walk-in closet, monitor mounts, reception counter, bistro table with wireless charging, and interactive kiosks. The large fabric graphics are easy-to-install and the colors vibrant. Choose from several floorplans. And as with every booth, the exhibit can be customized to match your trade show marketing goals. 

2. GKN-5150

modern trade show booths hydroflask

A well-designed, attractive, and practical island can be transformational for a company at a trade show. There’s no better way to describe the re-configurable GKN-5150.  The GK-5150 20 x 20 island maximizes the available space with double-sided curved panels. The design includes monitors, meeting areas, optional pedestals, and large tension fabric graphics. In addition, the islands have multiple seating areas shown with rental furniture. All the curved panels are from the patented Gravitee System, so individual panels connect without tools and there are no loose parts or pieces. The (2) 20 x 20 islands connect seamlessly to create the larger 20 x 40 version.

3. GKN-5153

modern trade show booths veggie noodle company

A well-designed trade show island exhibit should be attractive, inviting, informative, and practical. The GKN-5153 does all that… and more.  It combines a casual meeting space with functional counters for product samples. The design includes a reception counter, also with locking storage. Throughout the island, there are large graphic opportunities at multiple angles to attract attendees from every aisle, including a 16 ft. tower. Many of the flat panels are from the patented Gravitee System, which connects without tools or loose parts, making assembly much easier than traditional panels. The Large Aero Overhead Hanging Sign pulls it all together with internal and external graphics.  

4. ECON-4122

modern trade show booths pantone

If your company has a sustainability initiative, then the EcoSmart line would be an ideal choice. The ECON-4122 is a design-driven, reconfigurable, and high-impact island exhibit with 10 backlit fabric graphics. It includes an attractive reception counter with locking storage, a semi-private seating area, and a hanging sign for greater visibility in the show hall.. Exhibits Northwest uses the most sustainable materials on the market, and EcoSmart displays prove that you don’t need to look green to be green, and you don’t need to spend more either. You’ll always get the best of both. 

5. REN-9128

modern trade show booths hulu

A well-designed and attractive island exhibit can be transformational for a company at a trade show. The RE-9128 is more than an island exhibit. It’s an attendee magnet with large and colorful fabric graphics, both backlit and non-backlit, and (10) monitor mounts. Whether from the aisle or within the booth, there are multiple audio/video engagement opportunities.

The design includes literature shelves, along with extensive meeting spaces like Genius Bars and Bistro Tables with USB Charging Ports. Plus, there’s no shortage of secure storage with both a walk-in closet and extensive locking counter storage. 

6. REN-9104

modern trade show booths ameritrade

The REN-9104 is an inviting and comfortable island exhibit, which can be rare on trade show floors. It includes large graphics, backlit and non-backlit, with an open floor plan that allows for easy access and a relaxed environment. The two large monitors attract attention while the seating areas encourage conversation. There’s an attractive and functional reception counter, along with branded charging table options. The overhead canopies, with optional LED lighting, provide visual continuity and balance in this memorable island exhibit. 

5 Unique Island Trade Show Booths

1. VKN-1978

unique trade show booths whole foods

The VKN-1978 series isn’t for everyone. Not everyone needs a Farmer’s Market exhibit. But before you dismiss it, imagine it with white powder-coating, red ceilings and neutral laminates. Suddenly, the farm vibe becomes more of a healthcare feel. These inline designs are adaptable to any exhibitor who needs a dynamic, distinctive display that reconfigures to 30 ft., 20 ft., and 10 ft. inlines. The large LED Lightbox(es) anchor the branding and messaging. Their modular construction ensures they are easy to assemble. The ceilings provide a unifying touch across the three inlines making them instantly identifiable from show to show regardless of the size. Finally, the display case and counters are practical accessories, providing product shelving and locking storage. 

2. VKN-1340

unique trade show booths verity

Clean, dynamic, inviting, and practical. The VKN-1340 custom modular series strikes the ideal balance of large backlit graphics, video/monitor(s), and casual seating, all in well-defined spaces. It allows for multiple meetings using monitors either as presentation devices or information videos. The large backlit fabric graphics create a seamless visual presentation whether in the 10, 20, or 40 ft. inline configurations. The individual sections work as modules, allowing your booth to grow or adapt to your changing trade show schedule. In addition, there’s ample locking storage and optional charging stations built into the counters and tables. 

3. GKN-2002

unique trade show booths plum

You want a distinctive custom design. One that’s easy-to-assemble (mostly without tools), lightweight, and modular. Welcome to Gravitee!  The GKN-2002 Gravitee System features single/double-sided panels that connect without tools or loose parts, SEG or fabric graphics, fully assembled flat or curved panels, and a wide range of accessories. The inline design includes a charging station with graphics and a full-size closet. There’s also a monitor mount option and (3) LED stem lights. The entire display packs in a fabric-lined, fully jigged custom crate. Each component is numbered for an effortless setup. Need a 10 ft. option? The GK-2002 does double-duty as both a 20 ft. and 10 ft. exhibit. What could be more perfect?

4. GKN-2986

unique trade show booths plum

Gravitee designs start with a simple concept — beautiful displays, simple assembly, and functional components. That’s what every exhibitor wants. The GK-2986 is an elegant display with all the features of a custom exhibit, except the price. The full-size panels connect seamlessly. The monitor adds A/V functionality. However, it’s the curved SuperNova LED Lightbox that will draw attendees to your booth every time. For additional impact, the design includes a custom reception counter with storage and a convenient iPad mount to register your guests. Once inside the booth, your guests can relax since there’s ample room for furniture, whether you chose lounge chairs or tables and chairs.

5. VKN-2984

unique trade show booths hartford funds

Simply beautiful. This stunning inline exhibit makes a BOLD statement with large attention-grabbing backlit graphics. The understated yet refined design allows the message to shine — literally. Combined with casual furniture, literature holders, and a locking closet for storage, the VK-2984 is the perfect inline exhibit for any company with a highly targeted message that needs to spend quality time with a tradeshow attendee. It’s inviting. It’s warm. And it’s illuminating.  

4 Rental and Sustainable Trade Show Booths

1. REN-1081

Sustainable Trade Show Booths jm smucker

People are going to stare. The REN-1081 Custom Rental is both versatile and beautiful, starting with a large monitor mounted on a huge lightbox. The backwall is connected to an arch which serves double-duty as both a branding surface and an anchor for a cabinet with a tablet. Along the aisle, there’s also a round bistro table complete with USB charging ports and LED accent lights. The 10 ft. version can be expanded to a 20 ft. inline for ultimate versatility. Best of all, a custom rental from Exhibits Northwest allows you to stretch your budget and switch up your designs from show to show.   

2. REN-2124

Sustainable Trade Show Booths seventh generation

Lights combined with colorful graphics may be the single-most important key to attracting attention on the trade show floor. The RE-2124 turns the table on traditional lightbox designs by “stepping” (5) 4 ft. x 8 ft. individual lightboxes. The stepping creates visual depth and interest while allowing an exhibitor to tell a compelling story through a sequenced graphic presentation. The design includes ample room for a casual meeting space (which can be a challenge in an inline) and the charging table with LED accent lights creates a casual yet business-like setting. The RE-1567 reception counter has attractive backlit graphics and locking storage. The RE-2124 assembles quickly and packs flat in a wood crate for convenient shipping. 

3. ECON-1113

Sustainable Trade Show Booths swatch

Sustainable design doesn’t have to be funky and crunchy as the ECON-1113 demonstrates. This contemporary exhibit integrates shelving, fabric graphics, and a product display counter into a visually stunning display. The lightweight recycled aluminum frame means it will last for years and the individually numbered parts make it easy to assemble. There’s also a 20 ft. inline version. 

4. ECON-2124

Sustainable Trade Show Booths nest

The eco-friendly ECON-2124 is a pure custom exhibit constructed with FSC sustainable wood. It includes backlit graphics, monitor mounts, closet storage, and a reception counter with an acrylic top and locking storage. The ECON-2124, along with the 10 ft. version, are exceptional designs with practical features built with a sustainable mindset. 

More Trade Show Booths Design with Exhibits Northwest

Many post-COVID exhibitors don’t know where to start with exhibition booth design. Fortunately, Exhibits Northwest has a vast library of post projects and contemporary exhibit designs to jumpstart the process. Sometimes the ideal booth has already been designed and built and only needs a few tweaks to match your vision. Other times, exhibitors will select ideas from multiple exhibits to create their perfect display. Either way, we’re ready to lend a hand and turn your vision into a reality. 

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