20 Small Trade Show Booth Ideas

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March 3, 2023

Does size matter at a trade show? Of course… but not as much as you might think. Successful trade show marketers are masters at attracting attention and driving traffic regardless of the size of the display. Yes, islands will always be the “big daddy” at any conference or exhibition simply because of their footprint and presence. However, a small 10 ft. exhibit can be just as stylish and effective for many exhibitors. 

So how do you (as David) slay your gigantic competitor (i.e. Goliath)? It’s simple: creativity, planning, and execution. All too often, island exhibitors are complacent. They assume attendees will flock to their booth. They ignore pre-show marketing and don’t create an in-booth experience that attracts attendees. Their laziness and complacency is an opportunity every nimble exhibitor with a small 10 ft. trade show exhibit can exploit. 

Start by working with an exhibit design professional. Together, you’ll identify your trade show marketing goals and budget. Then you’ll design the perfect inline display to achieve your trade show goals. 

So… let’s spark those creative juices with 20 small trade show booth ideas, ranging in price from $3,990 to $23,700 to help you start planning your perfect small rental or custom exhibit!

5 Small Trade Show Booth Ideas

Not all small displays are basic backwalls with a large graphic. In fact, most are not. These examples feature 10 ft. displays with counters, monitors, locking storage, and even seating. Small doesn’t have to mean simple when choosing a small trade show display. 

1. TFN-513 | Hybrid Display

The Wow! Factor is often missing for many small trade show exhibits… but not the TF-513. It features a powerful visual design with practical features like a large monitor, backwall counter, and locking storage. 

trade show booth ideas for small budgets

2. VKN-1322 | Custom Hybrid [RE-1045 / rental version]

The VKN-1322 is unmistakable on the show floor, blending wood and aluminum construction for an elegant and sophisticated design. It even includes walk-in storage. The modular design expands to a 10 x 20 inline. 

creative small trade show booth ideas

3. VKN-1359 | Custom Inline

A custom 10 ft. exhibit with backlit and edge-lit LED lights, shelves, and a fully assembled reception counter with locking storage. 

booth ideas

4. REN-1070 | Gravitee Lightbox [GKN-1018 / purchase version]

Design flexibility is critical for many rental exhibitors. Not only do they want to change the graphics depending on the trade show, but they also want the flexibility to add accessories and mix and match the structure. The REN-1070  accomplishes all that along with product shelves, storage, and a dynamic backlit reception counter.

Small Trade Show Booth

5. REN-1061 | Gravitee Inline [GKN-1013 / purchase version]

No corporate exhibitor wants a generic exhibit. They want a modern display tailored to their message and tradeshow marketing mission. The REN-1061 is ideal for serious exhibitors who want to show products and big images. The exhibit includes shelves, monitor mount, and storage, including both walk-in and counter storage.

small business booth

5 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Small Budgets

Let’s be honest. There are cheap small displays and there are inexpensive ones. The examples below are high-quality portable displays made in the USA. All are modular, allowing them to expand as your trade show needs change. 

1. SYKN-1034 | Symphony Portable [REN-1089 / rental version]

With a Symphony Portable Display, there are no compromises. The modular design works as either a simple backwall graphic with SEG fabric graphics or as an upscale portable with a monitor, shelves, iPad mount, or wireless charging pads. Expandable, toolless, and affordable. The perfect combination. 

Small Budget trade show

2. SYKN-1007 | Symphony Portable [RE-1071 / rental version]

With Symphony, you can create the perfect inline display by selecting from stylish backwall shapes and distinctive counters and workstations. The mix-and-match flexibility encourages unlimited design possibilities. Need a different look for your next show? Symphony’s modular SEG frames are double-sided and re-configurable. 

small budget exhibit

3. VKN-1219 | Sacagawea

The affordable Sacagawea Portable Hybrid is a contemporary display designed with lightweight engineered aluminum and vibrant tension fabric graphics. Using knob-assisted assembly, the Sacagawea sets up quickly, typically in less than 40 minutes for a 10 ft. display. 

Portable Booth Ideas

4. VKN-8010 | Lightweight Inline 

Many exhibitors need a simple, straightforward display that is durable and easy to assemble. The VK-8010 is an attractive, lightweight display designed to perform year after year with minimal effort. The one-sided pillowcase graphic is printed on an HD dye-sublimation machine, ensuring vibrant colors and minimal care.

daily harvest exhibit design ideas

5. VKN-1904 | Sunrise 

The Sunrise offers all the advantages of a portable display — affordability, ease of set-up, and a large graphic – with the benefits of a large format tension fabric graphic, durable aluminum frame, and no-tools assembly. Assembly takes less than 20 minutes for most kits. 

gatorade exhibit design ideas

5 Creative Small Trade Show Booth Ideas

In Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze says, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” The same could be said for small trade show exhibits. The designs below are excellent examples of custom and custom modular exhibits for companies looking to make a dramatic statement at their next event. 

1. VKN-1363 | Custom Lightbox

The VK-1363 SuperNova Lightbox Exhibit is designed to attract attention on the show floor. But, there’s more to this big and bold display than just captivating backlit fabric graphics. It includes practical additions like a seating counter, large closet storage, product shelves, and a modern fully-assembled backlit reception counter with locking storage and shelf. 

Creative Trade Show Booth

2. VKN-1356 | Custom LED Lightbox [REN-1081 / rental version] 

The VK-1356 strikes the ideal balance of large backlit graphics, tablet/monitor(s), and casual seating. The large backlit fabric graphic creates a seamless visual presentation.  The individual sections work as modules, allowing exhibitors to grow or adapt to their changing trade show schedule.

Custom Light Box Trade Show Booth

3. VKN-1128 | Custom Inline

The VK-1128 is a fun and colorful exhibit. But there’s so much more. The multiple backlit graphics are mesmerizing, both the smaller direct prints and the larger backlit fabric graphic The clever boxes create distinct graphics, each with framing, which allows for unique targeted messaging. 

hulu creative trade show booth

4. GKN-1002 | Gravitee Inline

The Gravitee One-Step System features single/double-sided panels that connect without tools or loose parts, SEG or fabric graphics, fully assembled flat or curved panels, and a wide range of accessories. The GK-1002 inline design includes a full-size closet and a monitor mount option.

creative small exhibit

5. ECON-1091 | Backlit Sustainable

The ecoSmart Inline Displays are design-driven, reconfigurable, and user-friendly. Using the most sustainable materials on the market, these displays prove that you don’t need to look green to be green, and you don’t need to spend more either. 

creative small business exhibit

5 Portable Booth Ideas

For many exhibitors, their #1 requirement is a portable, easy-to-assembly display. The designs below are just the tip of the iceberg when deciding on a convenient small display. All offer high-visual impact and will last for years. Made in the USA.  

1. VKN-1223 | Sacagawea

The affordable Sacagawea System features practical accessories like monitor mounts, wireless charging pads, and workstation counters in a durable, easy-to-assembly frame. The large fabric graphic folds flat for easy storage.

trulia small exhibit design

2. VKN-1905 | Sunrise Portable [REN-1052 / rental version]

Available for purchase or as a rental, the Sunrise has all the advantages of a portable display — affordability, ease of set-up, and a large graphic – with the benefits of a large format tension fabric graphic, durable aluminum frame, and no-tools assembly. Assembly takes less than 20 minutes for most kits. 

portable exhibit

3. SYKN-1025 | Symphony Portable [REN-1076 / rental version]

Introducing Symphony, the first portable/modular display to blend easy toolless assembly with elegant design and clever accessories. With Symphony, there are no compromises. Simply a beautiful display at a price that’s thousands less than most custom modular exhibits.

portable exhibit for venmo

4. VKN-1959 | LED Lightbox [REN-1043 / rental version]

Innovative SuperNova LED Inline lightboxes combine exceptionally bright LED lights, modular engineering, an aluminum frame, and silicone edge fabric graphics into a brilliant eye-catching display. The LED lights are attached to the frame which makes assembly easy and packaging a snap. 

portable exhibit display

5. SYKN-1047 | Symphony Portable

Personalize your Symphony Display with attractive counters, workstations, floating graphics, iPad clamshells, and monitor mounts. The lightweight aluminum frames are engineered for SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics for a seamless, wrinkle-free look. Add floating graphics for additional visual layering and branding. 

small portable exhibit ideas

Small Trade Show Booth Ideas with Exhibits NW

The saying, “there are no small parts, only small actors” is equally true with trade show exhibits. Smaller 10 ft. and 20 ft. inlines can be just as creative and compelling as a larger display. Choosing the right 10 ft. exhibit should begin with exploring your trade show goals. 

The exhibit professionals at Exhibits Northwest will ensure your booth matches both your short- and long-term trade show requirements and your budget. Whether you’re looking for exhibit design assistance on an inline, an island, or just a trusted partner to ensure your success, contact the Exhibits NW Team so we can help you exceed your trade show goals!

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