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November 29, 2022

Probably no trade show accessory does more but gets less love than pedestal stands and counters. That’s unfortunate. Pedestals and counters are essential to any booth, large or small, inline or island. They can be used as reception counters, product demo stands, tablet bases, or promotional product tables. They can include locking storage, backlit graphics, wireless charging pads, and even shelves for showcasing products. 

Counters and pedestals come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and can be designed to be portable, modular, custom, or included in rental exhibits. A talented exhibit designer will choose pedestals that enhance the overall booth design, visually and practically, because they know that the trade show booth staff, along with attendees, will spend more time at counters, tables, pedestals, and kiosks than anywhere else in the booth. 

What are Pedestal Stands?

Pedestal stands are counters designed for trade shows and events with features tailored to a client’s specific trade show requirements and budget. For example, portable exhibitors require ease-of-assembly and quick access to their case(s) after a show. Many portable counters function as both a rollable shipping case and as the in-booth counter. Convenience, however, often has limitations. Portable counters often lack shelving or storage options. Not all. The Symphony line of portable pedestals and counters are attractive, assemble quickly, and include lockable storage.  

Modular Pedestal Stands, on the other hand, offer a wider array of designs and features, including curves, accessories, and finishes (both fabric and laminates). Adding wireless charging and tablet stands is straightforward, and there are even backlit graphic and edge-lit logo designs. Most are lightweight but assembly will take longer than portable versions.

For exhibitors who want ultimate design flexibility, custom pedestals are the ideal choice. They can select from a range of pre-designed kits, modify those kits, or start from scratch with a pedestal unique to their trade show needs. Just about anything is possible, including programmable LED lighting, internal shelving, wire management, and product displays.  Most custom pedestals are either fully-assembled or partially assembled, making installation fast and simple. 

How to Utilize a Pedestal Display Stand 

Pedestal Display Stands are the workhorses of any exhibit. They provide branding, storage, and a natural “home base” for conversations. But they can do so much more. 

Reception: All exhibits, whether inlines, islands, portable, or custom, have a reception pedestal or counter. The reception counter is more than just a pretty face.. It’s where the booth staff often greets attendees. It’s where promotional products, business cards, and literature are both stored and displayed. And it’s where the team gathers to compare notes and discuss prospects, competitors, and strategy.  

Product Displays: Unlike “radio stars,” video hasn’t killed the need to show and touch products. For many companies, the product is the display. It allows prospective clients to see and feel the products which can often be the difference between “I’ll let you know” and “I’d like to place an order.” 

Monitor or Tablet Workstations: There’s only so much physical space in a booth. Videos and the Internet allow exhibitors to expand that physical space with monitors and tablets that show the company’s products and services. And multiple workstations expand the selling footprint so no one has to ever wait in line. 

9 Display Pedestal Stand Examples


pedestal display stand

MODN-1716 | Lightbox Pedestal. Backlit graphics attract attention at trade shows. This lightbox pedestal has both front and side backlit fabric graphics, wireless and USB charging, an internal shelf, and a locking door. 


display pedestal stand

MODN-1707 |  Parsons Counter. This pedestal stand has expansive countertop space, a backlit logo option, locking storage, and wireless charging pads. 


custom Pedestal Stands

MODN-1587 | Utility Counter.  Practical and pretty, this multifunctional counter has open shelving, LED lighting, (3) tablet mounts, and locking storage. 



modular Pedestal Stands

LTKN-114 | Modular Pedestal. Looks custom but assembles without tools, this offset pedestal has locking storage along with an open back. Finish options include laminate and vinyl graphics. 


modular display pedestal stand

MODN-1701 | Backlit Pedestal. The MODN-1701 is perfect for a 10 or 20 ft. inline booth. The front fabric graphic is backlit and the locking storage has ample space for promotional products, literature, and personal items. 


modular Pedestal Stands for sale

GODN-1560 | Reception Counter. This large reception counter has extensive graphic space with wraparound fabric graphics on a curved aluminum frame. It comes with locking storage and assembles without tools. 



portable Pedestal Stands

MODN-1717 | Double-Sided Lightbox Pedestal. This two-sided pedestal with backlit fabric graphics is an ideal choice as a demo station. The graphics attract attention and the large countertop is perfect for demonstrating products or handing out samples. 


portable pedestal display stand

LTN-111 | Trade Show Pedestal. This double pedestal design with a curved connecting countertop is both attractive and functional. Lots of countertop space. Includes two locking doors and interior shelves. See LTKN-1009 and LTKN-1010 for alternate double pedestal designs. 


portable display pedestal stand

SYMN-404 | Portable Counter with Shelf. The easy-to-assemble SYMN-404 is a modern open pedestal with multiple shelves/countertops and a direct print graphic. Choose from hundreds of laminate finishes. 

Pedestal Display Stand Tips

It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful pedestal stand. The Exhibits NW website has almost 400 portable, modular, and custom designs. However, love can be fickle, so choose wisely. It’s best to create a checklist of your “must-have” features. Then compare your requirements with the designs on the ENW website and select a handful of choices. These can all be modified so don’t feel committed to any one pedestal. Here are some requirements to consider:

  • Portable vs. Modular vs. Custom Construction
  • Backlighting and LED Accent Lights
  • Locking Storage
  • Counter Size
  • Counter Shape
  • Wireless Charging Options
  • Tablet Mounts
  • Interior and Exterior Shelves
  • Packaging (Case or Crate)
  • Budget 

Pedestal Stands with Exhibits NW

Do you remember when you shopped for furniture for the first time? It was probably overwhelming. For most of us, it still is. So many choices and the differences can be confusing. The professionals at Exhibits NW are committed to simplifying the process when it comes to choosing the right pedestal stand.  

Whether you’re looking for a custom, modular, or portable pedestal stand, or just a trusted partner to ensure your success, contact our team so we can help you exceed your trade show goals!

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