How to Prepare for a Trade Show

Trade Show Trenches
February 11, 2020

Preparing for a trade show, especially your first or second one, is… intimidating. Where do you even start? Everyone knows the importance of preparation, but not everyone knows how to prepare for a trade show.

Having help is always better and, in a context like this, is usually worth the investment. Read on for a quick introduction on how to prepare for a trade show from Exhibits NW, which is made up of some of the expertest experts in all the land.

How to Prepare for a Trade Show

Exhibits NW is a trade show exhibition company located in Portland and Seattle, serving clients across the nation.

We’ve been learning how to prepare for a trade show since the 1990s and, in turn, teaching our clients by example. We take a holistic, consultative approach as opposed to just throwing a custom booth at you and wishing you luck.

Especially for small businesses with tight budgets and limited knowledge on how to prepare for a trade show, having the support of an expert partner can mean the difference between just getting through the experience and reaping major rewards from it.

The idea is to split preparation into the planning phase and the execution phase. 


Every business and every show are different, but there are lots of considerations common to all trade shows and their participants. Some are easy to overlook; others are just daunting.

One of these areas is travel and lodging. You want to book travel tickets, hotel rooms, and around-town transportation absolutely as early as you can so that you can get the best prices possible. It also provides a certain measure of relief to get your first detail put down in ink.

To do that, though, you have to know how many people from your company will be going on this adventure. But to know that, you’ll need to know what kind of booth you’ll be operating. But to know that… you get the idea.

Learn About Virtual Exhibits

In the digital era, it’s important to adapt and embrace new technologies. Learn about how virtual trade shows can help you reach and engage new customers.


It’s good to have a Morpheus-like figure back at basecamp, a support person away from the chaos who can provide calm, centered guidance. In an environment as chaotic and competitive as a trade show, it can feel like something is always about to go wrong. But with a team of veterans behind you who know the lay of the land, improvising gets so much easier.

Of course, it also gets easier to avoid the need to improvise. The better you know how to prepare for a trade show, the easier time you’ll have executing your plans.

Review Results

Ultimately, the best way to learn how to prepare for a trade show is to go through the experience. When you review your results later, you’re not just reviewing the money you made and the leads you generated. You’re also reviewing how well your preparations (and hired consultants) served you. You can even start preparing for the next show right away, while the lessons you’ve learned are fresh in your mind.

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If you’re ready to take your trade show exhibits to new heights, fill out this form and we’ll contact you shortly.