Fabric Display Design Tips & Examples

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August 17, 2022

Vibrant and colorful fabric graphics are everywhere – trade shows, retail displays, airports, sporting events, and art festivals. Just about any indoor or outdoor event. They’re lightweight, easy-to-transport, durable, and generally cost-effective. Even washable, under the right circumstances. Backlit fabric graphics, once an expensive option for exhibitors is now commonplace on displays as small as a table top and as large as 40 x 50 islands. 

The fabric printing process has evolved as printers have improved and fabric options increased. There are stretch fabrics, fabrics with blockers, and fabrics designed to minimize wrinkles (even when crumpled into a ball). They are now sustainable options using recycled fabric and low VOC inks. Exhibit design professionals understand the nuances of these choices and can assist with selecting the best fabric, connection system, and hardware for your project or  custom displays.   

Best Uses for a Fabric Display

To understand fabric graphics, it’s important to understand an alternative – Direct Print Graphics. Imagine a large ¼” thick white foam board. Many displays, whether at trade shows, events, or retail stores, use large foam board graphics. These attach to a metal frame with a hook and loop (think Velcro) or slide into a metal holder. They are easy to produce, relatively inexpensive, and offer sharp, detailed images. However, they can be costly to ship, require special packaging, and damage easily. 

Fabric graphics, particularly dye-sublimated graphics, are more expensive but can ship in a small box, are lightweight, and generally indestructible. In addition, they offer the added benefit of backlighting when combined with LED lights. 

Fabric Graphics at Trade Shows and Events 

  1. Small and Hassle-free. Nearly all tabletop displays use fabric graphics because they require minimal care and attach to the frame in minutes. 
  2. Easy and Lightweight. Most portable 10 ft. and 20 ft. inlines rely on fabric graphics, The connection method will vary depending on the price point and supplier. For example, pop-up graphics typically use grommets or velcro. Tube systems rely on pillowcase fabric graphics. Portable modular systems often use silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG). 
  3. Large and Seamless. Fabric is the best and really the only option for large graphics. Need a huge image at a trade show, then it’s 99% likely to be fabric.  
  4. Big and Backlit. Backlighting has always been a challenge for trade shows, events, and wall-mounted advertising. Fabric graphics, and SEG graphics in particular, are the ideal solution. Simple, affordable, and the LED lights require little maintenance. 
  5. Hanging Signs. Overhead signs have always relied on fabric graphics, but the proliferation of fabric printing has made hanging signs more cost-effective and accessible for exhibitors. 

10 Tension Fabric Display Examples

1. VKN-5171. The VKN-5171 takes full advantage of backlit fabric graphics with a 16 ft. tower and lightboxes. The inviting, informative, and practical is available in multiple floor plans. 

tension fabric display for autotrader

2. GKN-5124.  The GKN-5124 Gravitee Island is a contemporary display with large fabric graphics, practical accessories, and mostly tool-less assembly. The full-size panels slide together with attached connectors. 

fabric pop up display for envision

3. VKN-5146. The VKN-5146 island has two eye-catching backlit SuperNova lightboxes. These light boxes feature SEG dye-sublimated fabric for crisp details and bright colors.  High above, there’s an Aero Triangle Hanging Sign which is guaranteed to attract attention in the show hall.

fabric display stand manukamed

4. VKN-1971. This innovative SuperNova™ LED Inline lightbox combines exceptionally bright LED lights, modular engineering, an aluminum frame, and silicone edge fabric graphics into a brilliant display.

tension fabric display yes

5. VKN-1354.  The VKN-1354 blends bold fabric graphics, backlighting, practical features, and convenient storage. This exhibit offers a large graphic for high impact.

fabric pop up display coffee

6. VKN-2986. The VKN-2986 is an attractive, affordable, and flexible exhibit designed to maximize your trade show experience. The custom modular display comes with adjustable shelving, a monitor, large format fabric graphics, and a freestanding pedestal with storage.

fabric display stand apple

7. GKN-2006. This Gravitee One-Step Inline features single or double-sided panels that connect without tools or loose parts, fabric graphics, and a wide range of accessories. 

tension fabric display jools

8. TFN-523. The TFN-523 has a powerful WOW! design with large pillowcase fabric graphics and practical accessories like a large monitor, backwall counter, and locking storage. 

airgo fabric pop up display

9. SYKN-2028. Need a portable with pizzazz? The Symphony Portable System combines modular flexibility, portable “no-tools” assembly, and easy SEG fabric graphics.

fabric display stand venmo

10. MODN-1614. Unmistakable. The MODN-1614 shines bright with a 20 ft. backlit fabric graphic. The rugged but lightweight aluminum frame offers unsurpassed durability and strength to support large monitors. 

boundless play tension fabric display

8 Fabric Pop Up Displays

Tension Fabric Pop up Displays, like the examples below, are lightweight, versatile, and portable. They’re perfect for exhibitors who want a quick, easy-to-assemble display at a local or regional trade show. They’re ideal as a backdrop for interviews at sporting events, conventions, and sales meetings. Looking for something even smaller? The tabletop versions can be set up in less than a minute for client presentations. 

All use fabric graphics attached with SEG, velcro, or grommets. The NEXT! Line can even be backlit. 

1. NEXT! 10 ft. Backlit

next Fabric Pop Up Displays

2. NEXT! 10 ft. Display

next fabric pop up displays example

3. V-Burst 8 ft. Flat

fabric pop up display for burst

4. V-Burst 10 ft. Curved

burst example pop up display

5. Xpressions Snap 8 ft.

expressions fabric pop up display

6. Xpressions Snap 10 ft.

ink fabric pop up

7. SalesMate 4×3 Table Top

nikon fabric pop up display

8. SalesMate 2×2 Table Top

target fabric pop up display table top

6 of Our Favorite Fabric Display Stand Options

Have you ever wondered if there are attractive alternatives to traditional retractable banner stands? There are. Retractable banner stands, while convenient and cost-effective, are not always visually appropriate for every situation. Fabric Banner Stands and Product Displays offer exhibitors, show organizers, and retailers a lightweight, more upscale option.  

Like retractables, they are lightweight and easy to assemble. The MODN-1618D, for example, is a double-sided backlit fabric display with shelves. The VKN-1860 resembles a traditional banner stand but with the added benefit of double-sided graphics. The aluminum frame offers a more stable structure while the seamless fabric graphic is wrinkle-free, vibrant, and upscale. The X1 and NEXT! Designs are excellent alternatives to retractable banner stands. Both use a collapsible pop-up frame, making them super simple to set up, with the added benefit of fabric graphics. 

1. MODN-1618D Product Display

Fabric Display Stand packd

2. VKN-1860 Banner Stand

Fabric Display Stand Topo Chico

3. TFN-605 Banner Stand

Fabric Display Stand National Park Service

4. MODN-1602 Double-sided Lightbox

zip car fabric display stand

5. X1 2.5 ft. Pop-up Display

xi fabric display stand

6. NEXT! 3 ft Display

next fabric display stand

Fabric Display Support from Exhibits NW

Let Exhibits NW be your guide to exploring fabric graphics and displays… whether you need a custom island exhibit or a cost-effective banner stand. Or both. When you’re ready to take your exhibit design and trade show marketing program to the next level, contact us so we can help! Our team has the experience and the creativity to get you noticed.

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