Best Charging Station Options for Your Exhibit

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February 28, 2023

Why should you consider adding a charging station to your trade show exhibit? Consider this…

You’re driving. You’re getting low on gas, but not so low enough that the idiot light comes on. And then it does. Many drivers panic, even though there are 50-60 miles of gas left in the tank. “They’re Idiots!” you think to yourself, and then notice your cell phone’s battery is critically low. Now you panic and switch into Power Patrol mode frantically in search of somewhere to charge your phone, even just 10%.

As much as we want to deny it, we’re tethered to our phones, tablets, and other portable devices. The show floor can be a scary place, where charging options are infrequent and inconvenient. Custom or rental displays with modern charging options are popular waystations for many attendees. 

5 Reasons to Invest in a Charging Station at Your Exhibit

  1. Convenience. Potential clients will love the convenience of a charging option in your booth… and so will your booth staff. Your booth will be the electrical oasis in a desert of dying batteries.  
  2. Conversation. Charging takes time. Use that time wisely to explore business opportunities with potential clients.  The stressful 2-minutes sales pitch is now a 15-minute casual conversation.
  3. Attraction. We are drawn to booths with casual charging options such as tables, counters, and pedestals. Exhibitors that include attractive charging solutions in their space benefit from that traffic and interaction with attendees. 
  4. Affordable. Any table, counter, pedestal, or workstation can instantly be transformed into a charging station for as little as several hundred dollars. 
  5. Perception. Being the cool kid on the trade show floor doesn’t happen by chance. Up your credibility at any show by offering effortless wireless charging for your guests. 

Our Favorite Phone Charging Stations

Charging Stands

MODN-1471 | Wireless Power Tower

The Power Tower is the conversation “water cooler” at any event. The double-sided graphics attract attention and the (4) charging pads are the perfect meeting space to meet and greet.  

trade show charging station

MODN-1474 | Charging Monitor Stand

This two-sided monitor stand does double duty, both as an attractive monitor stand and charging solution with (4) charging pads. 

phone charging station

Charging Tables

MODN-1458 | Square Bistro Table

 A popular charging table, perfect for inlines and island exhibits. Available with programmable LED lights and vinyl graphics. 

charging station for exhibits

MODN-1482 | Stylish Bistro Table

A contemporary bistro height table with contrasting laminate colors and (4) charging pads. 

trade show charging station bistro table

MODN-1487 | Conference Charging Table

A modern, modular conference table (72″ L x 42″ W x 30″ H) with a backlit center graphic and (4) charging pads.  

conference trade show charging station

MODN-1464 | Wireless Coffee Table

This octagon-shaped coffee table includes (4) charging pads and LED perimeter accent lights. For additional branding, add vinyl graphics and programmable RGB LED lights. 

wireless charging table

Charging Counters

MODN-1706 | Parsons Counter

An elegant, yet practical counter at  60″ W x 38″ H x 30″ D. It includes (4) charging pads and a locking cabinet with a shelf. 

phone charging counter

MODN-1701c | Backlit Pedestal

 A compact modular pedestal with a backlit fabric graphic, (2) charging pads, and locking storage. Choose from hundreds of laminate colors and finishes.

backlit charging station for exhibits

MODN-1721 | Backlit Counter

An L-shaped counter with two backlit graphics, countertop edge lighting, (3) charging pads, and locking storage. 

backlit charging counter

MODN-1585c | Reception Counter

 A custom-built, fully-assembled counter with a backlit logo option, (4) charging pads, locking storage, and LED toe kick accents. 

Charging Station counter

Trade Show Charging Station FAQs

Q1. What are the power requirements for the charging solutions?

All the Charging Stations use a 110W plug(s) for the main power. In most cases, it’s only one plug. The charging connections are Wireless Pads and USB A-C ports. There are usually multiple chargers on the tables, counters, and stations. 

Optional 110W outlets can be added to many of the charging solutions. 

Q2. How are the charging solutions assembled? 

The charging solutions – tables, towers, counters, etc. – are primarily modular, meaning they assemble in 3-5 components. For example, the MOD-1432 Bistro Table has three modular components:  the countertop, post, and base.

The countertop includes all the electrical and wire management. Other than threading the main 110 W power cord through the post and base, there’s no electrical to assemble. It’s all self-contained. The post attaches to the countertop with knobs using threaded inserts. The base then connects to the post with an allen key bolt. A multi-function allen key tool is supplied with the kit.

It’s really that easy. The LED lights, USB ports, and optional 110W outlets are all pre-wired.

Q3. What are the benefits of having a charging station in my booth or at my event?

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are part of our daily lives. And they all require power. Rarely does a day go by that we don’t need to plug in our devices during the day to charge the battery. At trade shows and events, the power drain is even more acute as we check emails, respond to texts, and research possible suppliers.

We are drawn to booths with casual charging options such as tables, counters, and pedestals. Exhibitors that include attractive charging solutions in their space benefit from that traffic and interaction with attendees. And because charging takes time, it allows suppliers and potential clients the opportunity to explore business opportunities.

  • Attract and interact with attendees in a casual setting
  • Reinforce branding with countertop and charging station graphics
  • Provide employees with a convenient spot to charge their smartphones or tablets
  • Add casual functional seating for meeting with clients
  • The LED lighting option attracts attendees to your booth or event
  • Ideal for post-show use in your corporate lobby, conference room, or employee lounge
Q4. What are the graphic branding opportunities for the charging solutions? 

The primary graphics are vinyl countertop graphics or SEG fabric graphics (backlit and non-backlit). In most cases, these are graphics that can be removed and replaced. Most companies have a full graphic printed that covers the entire surface, although smaller adhesive graphics are also available. Some companies have elected to have the sides branded as well.

In addition to printed graphics, the laminate color often serves as a branding opportunity depending on your corporate color(s). White LED lights will enhance the laminate color on the perimeter.

Finally, selecting RGB programmable LED lights allows you to choose the specific LED color you want on the perimeter lighting. These are infinity adjustable and come with multiple programs where the lights flash or sequence through a color pattern. 

How Much Does a Charging Station for Exhibits Cost?

Not so long ago, charging solutions were both expensive and ugly. Those days are long, long gone. Charging counters, pedestals, and tables are no more expensive than non-charging solutions. In fact, wireless charging pads with USB ports can be added to any flat surface in any exhibit as long as wire management is available. Choose from portable charging tables for as little as $1300 or a custom reception counter with “all the bells and whistles” for $8000. And everything in between.  

Purchase or Rent a Phone Charging Station

At Exhibits Northwest, there are over 70 contemporary charging solutions available to purchase or rent. All include graphic options, along with easy assembly (or no assembly) and the industry’s best warranty. If you don’t see exactly what you want… no problem. We can design a charging solution that’s perfect for you. 

Whether you’re looking for a custom, modular, or portable display, or just a trusted partner to ensure your success, contact the Exhibits NW creative team so we can ensure you exceed your trade show goals!

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